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Galvanized Steel Wire & Strand


In comparison with hard Cu cables, ACSR weighs 20% less with 1.7 times increase in strength so that the interval between power transmission towers can be doubled.
Overhead Ground Wire
1 x 7 construction strand with Grade A Galvanization and with Group 1 tensile strength is mostly used for this application. The strand is installed at the top of steel tower and functions as a Ground Wire to protect ACSR from lightening.
Communication Cable
Support Self-Supporting(S.S) telecommunication cable, which has replaced obsolete lead plated cables. 1 x 7 strands with Group 1 Tensile strength and Grade A Galvanization are widely used for this application. The telecom cable and Galvanized strands are coated together with a Poly-Ethylene insulation.
Messenger Wire
Train railroad, streetcar line and subway railroad. Either 1x7 or 1x19 construction strands are used.
Guying Wire
Various poles and towers for power cables and telecom cables, etc. The industry is moving towards using higher strength strands with better corrosion protection for this application.