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  • High performance of super-insulation in cryogenic conditions (-271 °C, 2 K) (heat load not higher than 1.5 W)
  • Precise assembly for straightness of acceleration particles and the cryogenic thermal insulation performance
  • Quality control for the cleanliness of the superconducting acceleration cavity using the CLASS 10 clean room
  • Cryogenic sealing for an ultrahigh vacuum (not higher than 1.0e-8 mbar)
  • Cryogenic temperature control using Superfluid Helium
  • Electron beam welding to eliminate impurities while bonding
  • Nuclear physics: New material discovery, particle physics research, etc.
  • Biomedical: Medical accelerator, etc.
  • Industrial applications: Semiconductor process, material structure analysis, microfabrication, sterilization/pasteurization, isotope production, etc.
  • Superconducting acceleration cavity
  • RF Coupler
  • Tuner
  • Basic science research
  • Semiconductor industry, ultra fine processing industry (metal/ceramic/glass processing, etc.)
  • Medical equipment industry