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Hose Wire

Product Explanation

  • Physical Properties
    Wire Diameter, Cast
  • Mechanical Properties
    Tensile strength, Breaking load, Breaking strength, Elongation at break, Bend of flexions, Tensile test for knotted wire, Torsion, Ductility, Hunter fatigue test, Adhesion, Welds
  Type B60 BP60
overall width A 166 183
traverse width B 152 152
flange diameter C 255 255
barrel diameter D 118 102
drive hole diameter E 13 12
bore diameter G 33 33
distance between center H 43 41.6
drive hole and center bore      
Capacity   27kg
(60 lbs)
(60 lbs)

B60 Type

B60 Type image1 B60 Type image2

BP60 Type

BP60 Type image1 BP60 Type image2
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