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  • Principle of Sustainable Management
  • Since its establishment in 1945, Kiswire Group (hereunder Kiswire) has been striving to provide the stakeholders to enjoy safe, comfortable and convenient lives by connecting its wire with the world.
  • Kiswire's 5 core values - rational business strategy, competitive products, globalization and localization strategy, research and development, and cooperative labor relationship are intended to work towards adopting Sustainable Management System.
  • Kiswire’s Sustainable Management System is established with long term and constantly advancing goal of incorporating Kiswire’s core values into all Kiswire subsidiaries.
  • Further, Kiswire has established the Four Sustainability Objectives based on the ‘Ten Principles of UNGC’ and ‘OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises’, both of which Kiswire publicly supports and respects.
  • Kiswire takes its responsibility through the Four Sustainability Objectives; (1) Commitment to ethical business and labor standard, (2) Maintaining safety in workplace, (3) Promote culture and contribute to community, and (4) Protect environment.
  • By connecting Kiswire’s 5 core values to its Sustainability Objectives, Kiswire is committed to becoming one of the industry leaders through its technological innovations, as well as by contributing positively to local and global communities.
  • Sustainable Management System
  • Kiswire’s Sustainable Management System is not short-term or one time objective but constantly evolving and improving responsibility. Kiswire shall endeavor to continue to achieve its Sustainability Objectives in local and global communities.
  • Sustainability Objectives
  • (1)Commitment to ethical business and labor standard
  • By publicly supporting the Ten Principles of UNGC, Kiswire is committed to promote and abide by ethical business and labor standards both locally and internationally.
  • By maintaining network of local lawyers, accountants and advisory professionals in each of the countries that we are conducting business in, Kiswire follows and respects the law and social responsibility of that country.
  • Kiswire’s commitment to ethical business and labor standard is not only limited to;
  • (a) prohibition of illegal payments, bribery and gifts,
    (b) fight against unlawful employment of minor and forced labor,
    (c) maintenance of anti-harassment and anti-discriminatory labor practice,
    (d) refusal to participate in anti-trust, anti-competitive, price fixing, fraud, money laundering and conflict of interest activities,
    (e) management of sustainable supply chain,
    (f) strict compliance of local law,
    (g) recognizing and upholding freedom of association and right of collective bargaining
  • Understanding local statute, regulation and ordinance is of utmost importance to Kiswire. They are thoroughly studied and advised prior to entering into any contract with any party to uphold this objective.
  • (2)Maintaining safety in workplace
  • Kiswire shares firm belief that maintaining safety in workplace not only makes our employees safe and happy, but it satisfies the expectation of our customers and reduces number of complaints on our products.
  • Kiswire reports and monitors safety incidents and records during the Group’s regular management or board meetings, and Kiswire is committed to enhance safety in workplaces.
  • (3)Promote culture and contribute to community
  • In addition to its dedication in promoting culture, art and music, Kiswire is committed to continue its contribution and engagement with the local communities through charitable activities such as provision of scholarships, donations and other charitable contributions
  • (a)Provide public with information and exhibition on the significance of wire in the modern world through Kiswire Museum (
  • (b)Contribute to promote culture and art of the local community by various culture and art exhibitions, bookstore, and library at F1963 ( which was converted and renovated from Kiswire’s old factory into multi-cultural space and art event halls.
  • (4)Protect environment
  • Kiswire endeavors and is constantly researching to preserve and conserve environment.
  • (a)Reduction of environmental pollutants and wastes that are generated during manufacturing processes
  • (b)Minimize direct/indirect emission of greenhouse gases that can be generated in operation of business
  • (c)Continuous development of technologies to protect environment such as reducing energy and maximizing efficiency